Services We Provide

Research scientists with more than 20 years experience in
immunology and flow cytometry, including basic, applied and
(pre-)clinical research, university teaching and personnel formation

can provide:

Assistance in design of multi-parametric flow cytometry
analyses, use of flow cytometry for basic research and
pre-clinical (for different models) and clinical studies
(including assessment of therapeutic and toxic effects),
review of protocols, procedures and data, and more. Ask
more info.

Personnel formation and training

Short (1-2 days) intro workshop on multi-parametric flow
cytometry with focus on pre-clinical/clinical studies in
immunology and immunotoxicology, customized
according to your company needs.

Formation and training with theoretical and hands-on
activities that can be tailored to research, analyses and
models of your interest. Number of lessons and type of
activity (specific applications) can be defined accordingly.
Ask more info.

Courses and consulting activity can be provided in
English, French, Italian or Portuguese.
Please contact us for any request or info